Orthopaedic Elevated Dog Bed


More hygienic than padded beds and does not retain smell

beds don't have any stuffing at all

Nothing To Chew!

The mat can breathe and so resists mold and mildew

It's more hygienic

Welcome to Snoozezy®
Orthopaedic Elevated Dog Beds

Snoozezy® dog beds are comfortable for any dog but especially those suffering from arthritis and hip dysplasia.

More hygienic than padded beds and do not retain smell!


It lifts your pet off the floor
helping them stay at a comfortable temperature.
Air can circulate underneath, so they don't get too hot or too cold.

It is more hygienic:
The mat can breathe and so resists mold and mildew and is also ideal for pets due to its resistance to bacterial infestation.

Provides firm, even support:
Orthopaedic beds are suitable for all pets, not just those with arthritis and other joint problems.
Lying on the floor can put pressure on hips, shoulders and elbows.

It's portable:
Snoozezy beds are lightweight so they can be moved easily from room to room, outside or even to travel or camp with.

They come in a handy compact carry bag too!

Nothing to chew!
There's no stuffing to get chewed up, elevated beds don't have any stuffing at all.

It's super easy to clean:
Simply wipe or hose down or the standard polyester cover can be machine washed.

​Your dog doesn't have to have special needs or joint problems to benefit from a Snoozezy bed.

Snoozezy Bed Assembly

No screws, bolts or tools required!

The clever design of the Snoozezy means you don't need an allen key, a screw driver or any screws and bolts to assemble, the poles simply slot into the corner joints and the feet are assembled and it's ready to go in just seconds!

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We currently only ship to mainland UK. For any International orders, please contact us to arrange a delivery quote at info@snoozezy.co.uk
Dog Beds are shipped with My Hermes Courier service, please allow 1-2 working days for orders to be dispatched and 3-5 working days for delivery.
If you require your order urgently, please contact us to discuss options.


Snoozezy Orthopaedic Elevated Bed

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Snoozezy Testimonials

As a vet and a dog owner, I am constantly being asked for advice and want to offer my patients and pets the best that is available. I have always had small rescue dogs but recently acquired a larger breed puppy through work, she hadn't had the best start in life and I wanted to make sure she has the best chance to be a fit, strong, healthy dog. I see large breed dogs with pressure sores all the time so when the pup had outgrown the terriers beds, I started looking for a new one for her. I wanted one that would reduce the pressure on her joints and keep her comfortable. She gets quite warm so I wanted one she can stretch out on and allows good air flow. I started researching beds and although I like the memory foam beds I know she would find find them too warm all year round so I started to look at the raised beds that are available. I obviously wanted one that would take her weight as she gets bigger (currently 20kg at 8 months old so she isn't big but she is rangey) and gives her room to stretch out on. Being a large breed dog she is more likely to suffer from pressure sores as she gets older so I wanted to avoid this and reduce the weight on her joints as she sleeps. I looked at various options and felt that the Snoozezy Orthopaedic Elevated Dog bed would suit her the best. It's big enough for her (and a small friend) but not too big that it dominates the room. It arrived in a very handy carry case and felt quite substantial, I was actually surprised when I unpacked it as now a days it's hard to find something that is made from metal that actually has substance, most things are cheap metal that bends easily. It was easy to assemble and all the parts felt well made and good quality. It took about 10 minutes to put it together with no additional tools required. I would thoroughly recommend this bed to anyone with dogs that enjoy their sleep and that you want to protect their joints

E. Hayton

Snoozezy Testimonials

Our vet recommended we use a bed like this one for our Lab who is suffering from early arthritis. Delivery was quick. Easy to put together. The only problem I have now is my other dog wants one too. Would recommend ....dogs love it and I feel better knowing I have followed the vets' advice and he is hopefully more comfortable.

L. Jumabhoy

Snoozezy Testimonials

This bed is awesome ! Our pup is a rescue dog who was mistreated and has major fear aggression. He does not like anything different or new but he got on this bed as soon as it was assembled and has barely moved since ! I was worrying how I was going to get him on it but now I am worrying how I'm going to get him off it ! I have to mention the service and after sales support as there was an issue with the courier company. You could not ask for a more attentive service, emails answered immediately and information relayed promptly too. Very reliable, caring and considerate company that I wouldn't hesitate to use again. Don't wait around go get your pooch one of these beds but be warned you may have trouble getting them off of it lol !


Snoozezy Testimonials

Really easy to assemble & quick delivery time. I brought this because I thought it would help my dog settle at night and it has worked brilliantly! My dog is an untrained rescue who would previously get up in the night and pee on the floor, since he has been sleeping on this we have had 2 dry nights (I think he is so comfy he doesn't feel the need to get up and go roaming around) The bed is also far more hygienic than a regular dog bed, wipe clean and doesn't hold that dog smell that normal beds do. Happy dog & happy owner, thank you


Snoozezy Testimonials

These beds are fabulous. We have 2 Rottweilers, one fully grown and the other a chunky 10 month old pup. Both dogs absolutely love their new beds, in fact the pup hasn't moved from his since I put it together over 2 hours ago!! (see photo) Very easy to put together and nice and sturdy. I can't recommend these beds enough. The material will wash easily and will dry very quickly too. Don't hesitate, they are amazing :)

Mrs. M. Bray

Snoozezy Testimonials

Fantastic beds, my 2 St.Bernards have been using them constantly since our purchase, they even both sat bolt upright on one together (combined weight over 120kg). So easy to clean with the mesh cover, hose / wash down & dries really quickly. A month or so on, the beds are still going strong & the dogs love them!


Snoozezy Testimonials

I bought this after turning my garage into a dog drying room for after our muddy, wet walks. It seemed a good idea to have something with legs. My collie loves it in the hot weather as it lets air circulate and cool him. It is very light which makes it easy to transport. It will be coming on holiday with us for that reason. Despite that it seems sturdy enough. I have just ordered the medium size for my spaniel.

Louise Bishop

Snoozezy Testimonials

These beds are fab! We have three dogs (the heaviest is a Dane x Mastiff) and they all love them! We originally bought them because the cat pee's on the dog beds(!) and these beds are so easy to clean! Just a squirt of washing up liquid and a spray with the hose and they are back to new! They are also great for heavy dogs who squash normal dog beds flat after a few months... these beds have lasted over a year now! EXCELLENT customer service too! The Mastiff used them as a roundabout and broke the legs and the company sent replacements free of charge!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Sarah H

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